About Us

We provide first-rate tools for secure communication

The CircleTech, s.r.o. (LLC) company was established in 2004. Since then we employ state-of-the-art cryptography methods and develop products protecting our clients' privacy.

Our experience end expertise enable us to constantly improve and adapt our products and services to keep up with the latest developments and to accommodate our clients' requirements.

Everyone has the right to privacy

We strongly believe that every individual has the inalienable right to privacy and its protection.

We first put this idea into practice in 2005 when we introduced the SMS007 application for the encryption of text messages. The provided protection and ease of use made the application very popular with thousands of satisfied users.

In 2007, this application drew the attention of the BIS, a government intelligence agency. The BIS was unable to decipher messages secured through the SMS007 application and tried to intervene by means that were perceived as unacceptable duress. In accordance with the company’s philosophy, which strives to guarantee the right to privacy, we refused cooperation with the BIS. The case garnered considerable attention in the media.

CryptoCult – the secure and easy-to-use solution for your communication

The year 2010 was a fundamental turning point in the company’s history. We were the first in the world to introduce an application for complete mobile communication security, including the encryption of calls, text messages and e-mails. This exceptional product was named CryptoCult.

CryptoCult soon won the trust of numerous clients thanks to its functionality, reliability and ease of use. This allowed for the company’s rapid development and further improvement of the provided services, naturally including technical support for our clients.

We are your dependable partner in the world of encryption

CircleTech, s.r.o. is currently the dominant player in the field of secure mobile communications in the Czech Republic. We have successfully penetrated the Slovak market and our high-quality products are gaining popularity in Europe, USA, UAE and other regions around the globe.

As our client you will get top-quality products and services for security without compromises, highly qualified technical support and professional customer service in every aspect.