Why Encrypt?

Why would anyone eavesdrop on my calls?

Phone call interception is not some magic trick which only happens in Hollywood spy movies. It actually happens in the real world, too, posing serious threat to any individual or company in the form of:

  • disclosure of a trade secret and loss of competitive advantage
  • disclosure of a bid for a tender
  • blackmailing based on captured sensitive data

With ever growing competition in the markets, the value of information is increasing, and their misuse and exploitation can lead to grave consequences.

To mitigate these threats, CryptoCult offers you the following solution:

  • call encryption – no one will be able to intercept your calls
  • text messages and e-mail encryption
  • encrypted data storage – even if your phone gets lost or stolen, your data will remain safe

Using encryption not only prevents your sensitive data from being misused, it also saves your time. The time you would normally spend on the road can now be used for developing your business or spending your time with your loved ones.

Is it true that anyone can intercept my calls and messages?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The ability to intercept mobile communication is not limited to governmental organizations like the police and the secret services anymore. Developments in technology over the recent years have lead to a steep decrease of prices of interception equipment. At the DEF CON 18 conference in 2010, Chris Paget has demonstrated that an IMSI catcher, a device for GSM interception, can be built at the cost of USD 1500.[1]

Thus, without exaggeration, it can be said that almost anyone can afford to intercept mobile communication.

And how about my e-mails?

E-mail messages passing through the Internet are not safe either. Like any postman or even a nosy parker going through mailboxes can read what is written on a postcard, any server through which an e-mail message passes can analyze, record or even modify the contents of the message. Mail service providers can also do the same thing. Actually, they often do so, and we can only hope that the only purpose of this is to present context-related advertising.

What else should I know about call interception?

There are several ways to obtain access to voice calls and text messages flowing through a GSM network. Do not expect old-fashioned bugs hidden in phone handles. Today, much more sophisticated and cunning methods are used.

External links

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrbatnnRxFc, the demonstration itself begins at the 34:45 timestamp.

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